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We're for social causes

The Indo Arab Confederation Council has since its inception four decades back been engaged in a dedicated and relentless mission to strengthen the cultural bond between India and the Arab nations. It engages itself in activities for the welfare and well –being of the Pravasi Indians. The Council has succeeded in maintaining and strengthening the age –old historic and cultural ties that exist between India and the Arab Countries through the implimentation of several projects. it also envisages and puts in to practise several schemes for the rehabilitation and welfare of Pravasis who have returned to India.

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We exist for non-profits, social enterprises, community groups, activists,lorem politicians and individual citizens that are making.

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Medical facilities

Food & water

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How we work

  • 01Raise money from different sources

  • 02Giving relief in rural area all over the world

  • 03Gather all the money and giving relief in need

  • 04Go to the country that really needs help